About us

Starting out as a local shop, where our objective has always been to provide an excellent service to every one of our customers. As a company, we specialise in providing great quality Arabian style perfumes and fragrances such Al Haramain & a large variety of Musk and Oud. We believe that the fragrances you wear affects others perceptions of yourself, in other words the scent you wear is just as important as how you carry yourself.

Fareeds also specialises in beautiful scarves made for male or female. Some of our ranges consist of Dina Torkia (Dina Tokyo) & Habiba Da Silva. We also stock many other types of scarves which are typically all upon high request of our shoppers.

We are also happy to be a seller of Al Haramain Perfumes, of which L’aventure Blanche, Sheikh, Leather Oudh and many more have been a massive attraction to the public who are looking for something thats pure eau de parfum and not your regular fragrances from the high street.

We’re also known for our perfume deals and the best perfume for women & men. Also designer scarves, ladies scarves and fashion scarves.

We intend to deliver a niche and provide a service that is a pleasant experience for our browsers and shoppers.

Fareeds also focuses on providing a variety of different types of fragrances such as, Agarwood, Al Haramain Oud & Bakhoor. Our most popular range of fragrances is Oud perfume in mens fragrance and unisex perfume. Perfume oils are an essential for the basis of our website as we try to deliver the best mens perfume and the most popular perfumes for women